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for not updating this news section on a more regular basis. Lack of news doesn't imply lack of activities, on the contrary.

Extensive work efforts are made behind the scenes and we expect to make major announcements before the summer triggered by realisation of several business opportunities.


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Palmarii Nautics AB is a competence centre for Naval engineering. The staff has extensive experience with naval engineering projects in Sweden and Australia.

Our company operates in Sweden. Our primary focus is providing systems solutions, naval and marine engineering services to the Swedish naval and maritime protection forces.



Featured product:

Mine Avoidance Sonar SCOUT - ELAC Nautik

SCOUT is the most flexible solution for obstacle and mine detection on board of a submarine. The split transmitter and receiver arrays allow integration in virtually any bow design. The outstanding performance against moored mines and MLOs makes SCOUT the first choice.

Key Features

  • Detection of MLOs in the water column
  • 3D forward looking sonar
  • Meets military standards
  • For refits and new designs
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated
  • Safety distance to MLO
  • Interfaces with existing systems
  • Bottom mapping mode (optional)
  • Surfacing aid (optional)

For more information please follow link to ELAC's web-site from this page